Day 1 – truly a Buena Vista

Despite normal travel issues, we had a great evening of food, drink and friends followed by a lovely morning at the Buena Vista hotel in San Jose. Off to the Osa next.



Thank you American Airlines


We have even more time to read and spy search compliments of mysterious mechanical issues with our flight. Five hours of flying time turns into 15… We will get there yet. Fingers crossed.

So far American Airlines has been disappointing at best.

Pura Vida… soon.

Jenn paints Fiona’s nails to pass the time and keep the animals from becoming restless. It’s working so far.

Costa Rica: return trip

An early morning flight to San Jose, Costa Rica by way of Miami. The hatch is closed. The adventure begins.


Only an hour into our flight we hit a patch of gorgeous clouds. I had to make up for the previous lame “hatch” photo – such an iphone photo novice.

Our Miami layover will be a chance to people watch and my favorite pastime – searching for spies. I’ll credit George Carlin for that one.


Costa Rica – Midway

Gary Morgan leads the way in Dominical, Costa Rica.

We’ve arrived in the quaint, beautiful village of Dominical. The Domiloco Hotel is lovely and our story is coming along nicely. Some time on the beach, in the village and back at the hotel. A good start to a promising week. Gary Morgan has hooked us up with a great place and excellent transport. More to come.

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