Day 13 – nearing the end of our journey

So much has happened since my last update.

Many’s House near Ojochal and Uvita was fantastic. The houses were lovely, the view was magnificent and Many (sic) was a wonderful host.

We had many of our best meals of the trip here, including amazing nights at Exotica and Mamma E Papa restaurants in Ojochal.

Although somewhat different from southern Osa, the sites in Ojochal were – at worst – beautiful. The “Whale Tail” land formation jutting out into the Pacific was pretty impressive. The caves at Playa Ventanas made for fun beach time and good images as did the wildlife.

We were sad to say goodbye to Many and the Lentz family, as we left for our next leg of the tour in La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. The drive was a seamless adventure, which basically means we blindly navigated the Costa Rican roads but were lucky enough to never get lost.

On a whim, we booked a cabina at Kokoro which ended up to be a great place. We got really lucky with this one, considering the vast array of crappy housing available in La Fortuna.

Odds are you’ll only see the base of the volcano and clouds, but the odds were in our favor. Although the shortest part of our trip, Arenal was actually pretty fun and we’re really glad we did it.

This morning we leave for San Jose to drop off the BeGo rental car (it’s own little adventure) and relax at the DoubleTree before our return flight tomorrow morning.

Hopefully I’ll have full edits of my 4000+ images up before long (2012?). In the meantime here are scenic shots of Arenal (top), our view from Many’s (below) and Kokoro (bottom).




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  1. what pretty pics sorry your trip is ending

    August 3, 2011 at 3:39 pm

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