The five day countdown

As I prepare for a “break” in India, my thoughts return to the excellent work that my photojournalism students produced during the course of this quarter in my pj workshop. A short stint with adoptive kids was enriching, but the photo stories gathered at CCM, in the studios at DAAP, a coffee roaster in nearby Northside and the life stories during the final days of hospice patients really had a strong impact on me. The assistance of Katie Syroney at CCM and Jill Grissom at Vitas Hospice made this quarter’s projects possible. Beyond photojournalistic story-telling techniques, students learned an important lesson in persistence, planning, compassion and communication – or at least they should have learned said lesson. I think they did.

In the meantime, Jon has shipped a gaggle of Tri-X film from B&H to Karthik’s fathers house in Kerala, India. This seems to be the best solution to the black and white film saga. For some reason the world has given up on film, especially black and white. It’s not just the U.S. Through the kind help of friends I’m wrapping up the final pieces to my photo puzzle too. See what you think:

• Kenny is supplying my back up Nikon D90 battery – many thanks.
• Matt is hooking me up with a (slightly less ancient) D-version of my 35-70/2.8 lens – many thanks.
• A D3 and D90 with 17-35/2.8, 35-70/2.8, 135/2.8 and 35/1.4 lenses. Throw in a back-up Lumix LX-3 and I’m set.
• Family support. Thank you.

As the “story” develops I realize the the successes and struggles that I will encounter are important stories – published or not. I’m over the fact that we’re not traveling on assignment, simply because so few people are unwilling to assign anything in advance these days. I’m confident that our photos will be solid – hopefully amazing – and we will have good, meaningful stories. This is what I sell at work and this is how I like to live. I love it. Thank you for all of the support.


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