Status report – five weeks to go

Plans are going well. Most of the equipment is in place. I’m testing out windows on a dell (forgive me, please). The netbook option seems reasonable considering weight and size restrictions. We’ll see how it holds up. The bundled Nikon software is ok at best. Bill Bullock has offered to lend me his time, help and external cd/dvd drive to install my copy of Lightroom. That along with any drivers I might need for my back-up hard drives and card readers should probalby be installed and tested soon.

Jennifer and I joined my parents and Preeti for lunch on Friday. Preeti is a friend of Karthik’s and an extemely sweet, smart and helpful student at the university. We met at an Indian restaurant in Roselawn (Amma’s Kitchen) that specializes in southern cuisine. We took the time to get to know one another better while discussing Indian culture. It was wonderful. We’ll meet at least one more time with Preeti, perhaps for tea, before we leave.


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