The start of something new… for me.

This may be short-lived or long lasting. Who knows? My interest in sharing thoughts and insight into my photographic, let alone personal life is not a priority – not something that I long to do. Let’s try it anyway.

In about six weeks I will be traveling to India. Almost three weeks of travel throughout the country, primarily in Kerala but really a rather ambitious schedule covering about six different locations. I might as well start off with a dream plan or “ideal schedule,” yes? Yes.

Karthik, along with help locally from Preeti, are clearly committing a great deal of time, energy and consideration to the process. I’m lucky and excited. Plans are being made. Packs are being fitted and weighed. This should be fun.

The idea is to produce several stories – as many as possible. I will gather audio, video (probably via a Nikon D90 – we’ll see how that works out) and stills. I will add more info on the specifics as they develop.


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